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Photo Gallery

Septum Pellucidum

Lateral Ventricle
primary Fissure

Singulate Gyrus (below the probe and above Copus Callosum)
Genu of Corpus Callosum

Splenium of Corpus callosum ( to the right of the probe)
Massa Intermedia

Interventricular foramen
Fourth Ventricle

Interventricular foramen and other structures
Lateral ventricle

Hippocampus on top of Pulvinar and geniculate bodies
A little better view ( Optic tract + Medial and Lateral geniculate bodies)

Buddy's brain( Have a closer look...we are going to see this one in the lab test)

Fimbria + Hippocampal fissure + dentate Gyrus ( Again.. look carefully)
Right below Pineal body ( posterior commissure is the target)

Ventral View of Brain

Dorsal View of Brain
Form the right side of brain